Confiserie Comme Autrefois

Fabrication artisanale de nos bonbons

1st stage of manufacture

The sugar at a temperature of 150 ° is paid on a marble hot

Photos: Yannick Letord
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A Short History of Berlingot

The berlingot was born in Carpentras (not far from the Ardèche them!). It is a pastry of Pope Clement V who invented this candy to celebrate the dissolution of the Order of the Knights Templar. Sylvestre, our pastry, fit anneal syrup unused sugar (caramel). He added lemon and mint, stretched sugar and cut into sticks. He offered it to the Pope by saying: "Honor to Bertrand de Got, cutting with scissors gold." Clement V, whose real name is Bertrand de Got, would have given this name for the candy. The name changed over time, "Got To Bertrant of" at Berlingot.

Since September 2003 we manufacture our berlingots to Lalouvesc.

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