Confiserie Comme Autrefois

Fabrication des bonbons roudoudous

Making roudoudous

The Roudoudou is a sugar confectionery cooked fragrant.
Sugar is pouring into real seashells collected by us.

The children tasted by licking the candy stuck to the \ inside the shell.
Note: Do not give to children under 36 months The Roudoudou was very fashionable in the years 1960-1970. As the confectionery factory past the traditional way in public. sechage shells for roudoudous cleaning shells is done by us then they are put in hand for drying.
For manufacturing the shells are placed on the marble on a bed of sugar

fabrication syrup sucre
sugar syrup is cooked to 150 degrees, we aromatisons with strawberry, lemon, l 'orange, Ó l' or anise caramel.

transfert syrup sucre Then sugar syrup ready, we pay in pots that we transvasons in shellfish. the temperature of sugar syrup to 138 degrees.

Roudoudou roudoudous Caramel and the strawberry roudoudou to fraise remplissage shell roudoudou